041317 Schools: Waccamaw Elementary principal will retire
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Schools: Waccamaw Elementary principal will retire

By Charles Swenson
Coastal Observer

Vervatine Reid will retire as principal of Waccamaw Elementary at the end of the school year. She has spent more than half of her 35-year career on the Waccamaw campus.

The announcement this week was the first of what Superintendent Randy Dozier expects will be half a dozen changes in school and district administrators. “It wouldn’t surprise me if we had several changes, both at the district level and the principal level,” he said.

That could lead to a reshuffling as principals move to district positions, assistant principals move to principal and teachers move from the classroom to administration. “It’s a domino effect,” Dozier said.

Reid became assistant principal in 1998 after 19 years as a classroom teacher. She became principal in 2008 when Jon Tester moved to a job in the district office.

“I still have a love and a passion for what I do. I’m just ready to go to the next level,” Reid said. “I believe in serving and helping others. I do it with a passion.”

She will continue to volunteer with nonprofits and will work part time with the district as a mentor and evaluator. “I’ll do some travel with family. Other than that, I’ll be around,” she said.

What makes Waccamaw Elementary successful is its partnership between parents, staff and the community, Reid said. There is support at each level, and that comes from communication, she said.

“It’s still a community-based school where parents, businesses and other stakeholders share the vision,” Reid said. “It’s an awesome school to lead.”

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