102617 Pawleys Island: Rising costs for Town Hall met by increased fundraising
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Design details give the building the “Pawleys look.”

Pawleys Island: Rising costs for Town Hall met by increased fundraising

By Charles Swenson
Coastal Observer

The current cost estimate for Pawleys Island’s new Town Hall is $665,000. But there will be over 20 brick columns under the raised building and 7,500 brick pavers, all of which are available for naming rights.

The town hopes to raise $600,000 in donations to cover the cost. It has $360,000 in commitments so far.

The building cost estimate rose from $425,000 to $620,000 with the addition of about 200 square feet and actual prices from two contractors. The landscaping and architectural fees will add another $45,000.

A committee of Town Council, Planning Commission and Pawleys Island Beautification Foundation members agreed to keep $145,000 worth of details that the architect, David Graham, said “I feel we really needed to give us that Pawleys look. I didn’t hold back.”

The 1,947-square-foot building will replace the Town Hall that was flooded by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. It had 460 square feet. Graham’s design has the look of a traditional island beach house with brick pilings ($6,000), a standing-seam metal roof ($18,000), Bahama shutters ($16,000), exposed rafter tails ($9,000) and porch ceiling ($8,000). The conference room where Town Council will meet and court will be held has a vaulted ceiling with woodwork ($8,000). The building will also have a generator ($10,000.)

“You could cut every bit of this out,” said Buddy Keller, a Planning Commission member and a commercial contractor. “But you don’t want to cut it.” That would change the look.

Features like the metal roof and high-impact windows ($14,000) will increase the life of the building, Council Member Mike Adams said. “I think the design is great and we would do well to keep it,” he said.

The committee agreed to list some features as alternates on the bid documents, which should go out next month. The town would like to start work in the new year and move into the building by Labor Day.

The recommendation was approved by Town Council.

“I feel good about raising the $600,000,” said Guerry Green, who is leading the fundraising effort. He is also a candidate for Town Council in the upcoming election. Letters will go out next month to property owners and long-time renters, who will get a chance to have their name on a brick paver for $100, or give a paver as a Christmas gift. Green estimates that will raise about $180,000.

Naming rights to the brick columns will go for $10,000. About half are already accounted for by the early donors. Those include the Pawleys Island Civic Association, which is donating $25,000.

Until the actual bids come in “you don’t know what it’s going to cost you,” Mayor Bill Otis said. “We just have a sense that it’s going to be more.”

“It sounds like you may be working for nothing,” Keller told Graham.

“I think I already am,” Graham said.

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