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Politics: Anita Perry speaks to GOP club

The wife of Texas Gov. Rick Perry campaigns in Georgetown with a stop at the local Republican Club tonight.

Anita Perry will speak to the Patriots GOP Club at 7 p.m. in the Georgetown County Library. Her husband is a candidate for president in the South Carolina Republican primary on Jan. 21. Perry, 59, is the daughter of a family doctor and earned a degree in nursing. She worked in health care until her husband entered government as commissioner of agriculture in Texas.

In a weekend interview with Fox News, Perry said healh care is an important issue in the presidential election. "I saw how the community respected and loved my father because he was a one-on-one person. He was really a bedside physician. I want every American to have that same opportunity to have the choice that they want, to have that physician that they want. It's another reason I really encouraged Rick to get into this race. I don't like socialized medicine, and that's the path we're going."

The Republican Party primary is open to anyone who is registered to vote by Dec. 21. For registration information, call the county Board of Elections and Voter Registration at 545-3339

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