021518 Coastal Observer Feb. 15, 2018 News for Pawleys Island, Litchfield and Murrells Inlet http://www.coastalobserver.com Beaches: Bills call halt to retreat from the shoreline A bill moving through the state legislature would overturn the state’s policy of retreating from the shoreline. “I no longer trust the process,” said state Rep. Lee Hewitt of Murrells Inlet, who introduced the measure to change the way the state determines its jurisdiction over the beachfront. http://www.coastalobserver.com/articles/2018/021518/1.html Murrells Inlet: Planners seek delay on condo review Georgetown County planning staff want to defer the review of a 60-unit condominium project in Murrells Inlet until the developer can show he has access to Bypass 17. Without it, the project will have to be redesigned and is unlikely to meet requirements for multi-family dwellings, planners say. http://www.coastalobserver.com/articles/2018/021518/2.html Pawleys Island: With new bids, Town Hall fits council’s budget Hand-made bricks are out along with the aluminum louvers and Charleston-style porch doors, but the metal roof will stay. New bids for the new Pawleys Island Town Hall cut more than $100,000 from the project. http://www.coastalobserver.com/articles/2018/021518/3.html Offshore oil: Opponents worry voices won’t be heard after trek to Columbia Coastal residents carrying protest signs boarded buses early Tuesday morning to head to Columbia. It was their one chance to protest against offshore oil drilling on the steps of the statehouse before attending the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management’s single meeting about President Trump’s proposed drilling plan for the coast. http://www.coastalobserver.com/articles/2018/021518/4.html Land use: Marina building gets another county approval Mark Lawhon looks forward to his day in court. He told Georgetown County Council he will use the occasion to draw out the 110 seats he says were part of the Marlin Quay marina store and restaurant that he tore down in 2016. http://www.coastalobserver.com/articles/2018/021518/5.html All about bots Local teams win trophies at state robotics competition. http://www.coastalobserver.com/articles/2018/021518/6.html